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  • Gurvādi Guṇas

    Gurvādi Guṇas The ~10 antagonistic pairs of qualities or characteristics used to describe the mahābhūtas (elements) and the doṣas (humours).

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  • “F” Trauma Responses & Self-Compassion

    Defense Reaction / Trauma Response Emotion/Behavior Turned Inward Self-Compassion Flight Fear Isolation Common HumanitySocial Engagement Fight Anger Self-CriticismSelf-BlamePerfectionism Self-KindnessInner-Child Work Fright Overwhelm RuminationOCD/Ritualistic Mindfulness Fawn Co-dependence Ignoring our needs Boundaries– Unapologetic– Clear communication– Grounded Grace– Felt-sense/embodiment practices to tune into needs– Self-assertive v obsequious– Take…

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