Aloha, I’m Catrina and I’m the founder of Napua.

Evolving at the convergence of beauty and being, Napua is a virtual ashram: a home for simple self-care rooted in the world’s most ancient, time-honored traditions.

Hawaiian for blossom,Nā Pua, was inspired by my late-mother’s name, and refers to the blossoming of spirit and wisdom that emerges as we cultivate our garden of awareness. On the spiritual path, the fruits of our efforts, which include love, bliss and peace, ripen when we let-go and surrender, with devotion.

As we stabilize in Essence Nature, we gravitate towards a state of effortless-being whilst releasing our old preferences for doing or trying so hard. More and more, we enjoy the Law of Least effort, and become the witness and enjoyer of the infinite blossoming that occurs spontaneously through us.

The practices I share here at Napua are from the non-dual Vedic and Tantric wisdom traditions, and are rooted primarily in and informed by Ayurveda – “the science of health/longevity” and Jyotish – “Vedic astrology”.

See through the eyes of love


Join me in celebrating the cosmic rituals of daily living with ancient, time-honored alchemy.

Revive the healing force of your most innate-Self with practical wisdom and simple, yet powerful, practices.

A note to women,

As a woman on pilgrimage with predominantly masculine teachers, I observed a huge disconnect with sadhana (spiritual practice) and the feminine body, as well as with foundational wisdom around the cyclical nature of our being (and the observable cyclical macrocosm around us).

A divine gift we have as women is our cyclical physiology; yet, as close to home as nature is, literally in our feminine bodies, we question our ability to tune into the fundamental gift of our own cycle. Many women, including myself, ignored it by embodying practices that were out of alignment with our cycle – for example, fiery and airy practices when the call was for deep rest.  Sticking to oversimplifications of practice modifications that neglect the richness and nuanced nature of our being.  The resultant imbalances introduced a high level of friction in our daily experiences and sadhanas.

Being feminine-embodied, it is our gift, and therefore our responsibility, to align with our physiological and psychological rhythms and ultimately with all of nature. Thus, established in being, and not by pedagogy or propaganda, we allow our living embodiment to be a beautiful guide of what it looks like to align with the rhythms of nature, and ultimately, with our most innate-Self or essential Self.

The practices, the wisdom, and the programs I share, are intended to support us on this journey of embodiment.  A coming back home, if you will, to deep nourishment and self-love.

With love,