Aloha, I’m Catrina and I’m the founder of Napua.

Evolving at the convergence of beauty and being, Napua is a virtual ashram: a home for simple self-care rooted in the world’s most ancient, time-honored traditions.

Hawaiian for blossom,Nā Pua, was inspired by my late-mother’s name, and refers to the blossoming of spirit and wisdom that unfolds as we cultivate our garden of awareness. On the spiritual path, the fruits of our efforts, which include love, bliss and peace, ripen when we let-go and surrender, with devotion.

As we stabilize in our essential nature, we enjoy the Law of Least effort, and become the witness and enjoyer of the infinite blossoming that occurs spontaneously through us.

The practices I share here at Napua are from the non-dual Vedic and Tantric wisdom traditions, and are rooted primarily in and informed by Āyurveda – “the science of health/longevity” and Jyotiṣa – “the science of light”, which is more loosely known as “Vedic astrology”.

I’ve been practicing for over 30 years. Devotion, trāṭaka and nidrā practices were my gateways to the lifelong path of study and practice. By grace, I was introduced to these practices at a young age, whilst growing up with my Samoan grandmother in Hawai’i. I’m currently in Mexico sharing yogic practices locally and connecting to my indigenous Mexican roots (Rarámuri or Tarahumara).

My practice is currently supplemented with graduate study in Psychology, including a focus on trauma, and study of Sanskrit and Classical Tantra with Christopher “Hareesh” Wallis. My vaidyas or Āyurvedic doctors are the Raju Family, and can be found here.

Join me in celebrating the cosmic rituals of daily living with ancient, time-honored alchemy. Revive the healing force of your most innate-Self with practical wisdom and simple, yet powerful, practices.

See through the eyes of love



Prior to starting this technique I really hadn’t experienced more than a glimpse of a meditative state. From the first group meditation using my silent mantra, I experienced a quiet and calm I don’t remember experiencing before, I found it quite profound.

I’ve only been meditating for around 18 months so felt like a very new person amongst some more experienced meditators, but the course was beyond any expectation I had. The information was so well presented and Catrina was so connected with the information she was sharing, I enjoyed all aspects of it, the Q&A, the lecture component and the practical elements. I will admit that I was unsure if the online medium would be appropriate for this course, however it was brilliant and I was so grateful to be able to connect with a teacher so far away – online was definitely NO barrier.

Drew M.

Melbourne, Australia

Your energy and resonance with the work really breathes life into this practice – that just feels so cozy.

I absolutely adored the course! I think the instruction was clear and informative. I liked doing the meditation practice within the class to have a clear idea of what it felt like and the ability to ask any questions to fine-tune it if needed.



Catrina’s knowledge put me at ease without intimidating with too much alien speech and explained any foreign terms used in a way I can remember them.

I would recommend without hesitation. Catrina is clearly genuine and obviously answering part of her calling doing this work. Her knowledge put me at ease without intimidating with too much alien speech and explained any foreign terms used in a way I can remember them. Catrina is really well spoken and has a natural humourous tone that helps me to be engaged and not put off by any stuffiness. More, Catrina’s spirited delivery allowed the material to really land for me and this is the important part; I could read, and have read, books on the subject and watched videos, Catrina however made it connect quickly and enabled me to make it my own through observation and repetition. The course while being intensive is well paced and thoughtfully structured, no overloading. Each day builds on and re-enforces the previous one. Sharing the experience with fellow ready acolytes really helped in the learning process. I have left the course with a new skill set assimilated to carry with me on my path.

Stephen H., Spain

Catrina is wonderful and I look forward to attending additional sessions and other courses in the future.

The depth of information and the clear way in which it was presented. The class was also light hearted at times, with laughter, and very personal. The class size was also perfect. Unfortunately not everyone continued to the end (or maybe they switched from the morning to the evening class).

Steve D.


I enjoyed the humanity, empathy, and love that transpired throughout the weekend the most; and recommend this to anyone looking for a more meaningful, empowering, and happier life.

The course is a marked cornerstone in the spiritual path I’ve taken and has provided me with great tools to go on on the journey with faith more than ever. More importantly, beyond the form, namely the framework of the course, and the knowledge and experience that Catrina offers.  She has the gifted ability to share infinite divine love, which is fundamental for the teachings to be fully integrated.

Gerald T.

Toronto, ON, Canada

If you want to learn how to mediate or improve your meditative experience, take this course!

Having just completed Catrina’s course, I have to say, in summary, it was an excellent experience.  I had been meditating consistently during the the past year, so I was already familiar with the basics of meditation.
Catrina’s instruction took my knowledge of both the philosophy and technique of meditation to the next level I appreciated that Catrina was completely prepared for each class and taught in an interesting, engaging manner. She is extremely knowledgeable about meditation and thoroughly answered my many questions.

Stan E.

New York

I appreciate Catrina’s knowledge, commitment and humility.

I appreciate Catrina’s knowledge, commitment and humility.

Yvonne J.


Blown away by Catrina’s knowledge and ease of sharing.  So grateful to have found her.

Blown away by Catrina’s knowledge and ease of sharing.  So grateful to have found her.


She is a wealth of knowledge, and so inspiring in her teaching!!

Loved Catrina’s pranayama class.  She is a wealth of knowledge, and so inspiring in her teaching!! So happy to find her.


Catrina is a bright light that leads us to seek and find our true selves.

Catrina is a bright light that leads us to seek and find our true selves.

Seth E.


Catrina has a vast knowledge of what she teaches, doesn’t take herself seriously…

is very supportive and exudes genuine compassion! I highly recommend working with her.

Christophe B.

France & USA

I really enjoy how Catrina teaches.  I enjoy her depth of knowledge and experience.

I really enjoy how Catrina teaches.  I enjoy her depth of knowledge and experience.

Tobias K.


Classes were a safe space where I could feel free to relax and take the most out of the teachings.

Śabda Technique:  It’s a practice that’s completely different from anything I had seen before and more than seeing ‘benefits’ or wanting to see them, it feels right.  It’s something that has already become meaningful in my life.

Valentina S.

Bogotá, Colombia

I liked the open-air, friendliness and honesty of the other students as well as the facilitator (Catrina).

The space that is created for everyone is beautiful. The connection I felt was powerful. The amount of time allowed was precious. The technique is unique, and taught well.  I liked the open-air, friendliness and honesty of the other students as well as the facilitator.

Fleda A.

North Carolina

Catrina is very easy to relate to which makes it easy to learn and question anything that isn’t clear.

Meditation Course:  Normally specific details don’t really help my practice, only more stuff for your ego to play with. However, in this case there were several subtleties explained which were very insightful to my practice.

Christian F.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Catrina was so authentic and a really great teacher.

Meditation Course:  It was thorough. I appreciated that Catrina took the time to really explain everything and answer any questions.  With this technique, I feel like I can get into the meditative state quicker than when I used to just focus on the breath.

Samantha P.


Wonderful experience! Catrina is an amazing instructor.

I have spoken to other instructors before and even took a prior meditation course. None of the other instructors were as knowledgeable, enthusiastic, or as warm as Catrina. The course was well organized but she was flexible too. For example, she encouraged us to ask questions, and would answer those questions even if they related to issues she initially planned on addressing on a different day of the course. Catrina is very relatable. She comes across as a kind, friendly person who happens to be an expert on meditation rather than an unapproachable guru.

Randy R.


A note to women,

As a woman on pilgrimage (2018-2020) with predominantly masculine teachers, I observed a huge disconnect with sadhana (spiritual practice) and the feminine body, as well as with foundational wisdom around the cyclical nature of our being (and the observable cyclical macrocosm around us).

A divine gift we have as women is our cyclical physiology; yet, as close to home as nature is, literally in our feminine bodies, we question our ability to tune into the fundamental gift of our own cycle. Many women, including myself, ignored it by embodying practices that were out of alignment with our cycle – for example, fiery and airy practices when the call was for deep rest.  Sticking to oversimplifications of practice modifications that neglect the richness and nuanced nature of our being.  The resultant imbalances introduced a high level of friction in our daily experiences and sadhanas.

Being feminine-embodied, it is our gift, and therefore our responsibility, to align with our physiological and psychological rhythms and ultimately with all of nature. Thus, established in being, and not by pedagogy or propaganda, we allow our living embodiment to be a beautiful guide of what it looks like to align with the rhythms of nature, and ultimately, with our most innate-Self or essential Self.

The practices, the wisdom, and the programs I share, are intended to support us on this journey of embodiment.  A coming back home, if you will, to deep nourishment and self-love.

With love,

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