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  • Neotantra & Conscious Sexuality

    Neotantra & Conscious Sexuality Not to be confused with tantra. Neotantra is a new-age concept and modern variant of tantra, which incorporates intimacy exercises and various interpretations or loose adaptations of traditional Hindu and Buddhist practice, especially as they relate to sex. More often that…

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  • Doṣa Series, Part 2 of 3: Pitta

    Astanga Hrdayam of Vaghbata, CH1,11 pittaṃ sasneha tīkṣṇoṣṇam laghu visraṃ saraṃ dravam: || The qualities of Pitta are unctuous, sharp, hot, light, foul-smelling, fluid/mobile, liquid. GUṆAS QUALITIES/CHARACTERISTICS VPK↑ Sasneha सस्नेह slightly oily, unctuous, greasy; affectionate, tender PK Tīkṣṇa तीक्ष्ण sharp, intense, penetrating VP Uṣṇa उष्ण…

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  • Āyurvedic Literature – Module 1, Part 2

    Literature Bṛhat Trayī: Major Triad Laghu Trayī: Minor Triad Bṛhat Trayī: Major Triad

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