Self-care made simple.

Evolving at the convergence of beauty and being, napua is a home for simple self-care rooted in the world’s most ancient, time-honored traditions.

  • Our Mission

    To celebrate the cosmic rituals of daily living with ancient, time-honored alchemy; and

    revive the healing force of one’s innate-Self with practical wisdom and simple, powerful practices.

  • Our Values

    Nā Pua (Hawaiian), was inspired by my late-mother’s name, Fuala’au (Samoan), and refers to the blossoming of spirit and wisdom that unfolds as one cultivates the garden of awareness.

    The practices shared here are from the non-dual Vedic and Tantric wisdom traditions, and are rooted primarily in and informed by Āyurveda – “the science of health/longevity” and Jyotiṣa – “the science of light”, which is more loosely known as “Vedic astrology”.

  • Our Ethics

    View Napua’s Code of Conduct (CoC).  Our CoC details a comprehensive policy of professional conduct and includes but is not limited to Napua’s General Principles as well as Grievance, Anti-Retaliation, Sexual Misconduct and Anti-Harassment Policies.

About Me

  • Catrina Armendariz

    Catrina Armendariz

    Founder, Teacher

    Hi, I'm Catrina! I'm a meditation teacher, psychology graduate student and women's transformational coach.

    I have a special interest in trauma and women's health and have been practicing yogic techniques for 30 years, teaching for 7 years and recently returned from a 2.5 year pilgrimage in India, studying full-time with my teachers.

    My work supports the courageous cultivation of rested awareness and an embodied approach to freedom.

    I'm originally from Hawai'i, most recently lived in NYC before embarking on pilgrimage, and I currently reside in México.

    – Samoan
    – Mexican (Rarámuri/Tarahumara)
    – Spanish

    – English
    – Spanish
    – Studying Sanskrit

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