Self-care made simple.

Evolving at the convergence of beauty and being, napua is a home for simple self-care rooted in the world’s most ancient, time-honored traditions.

  • The Mission

    Evolving at the convergence of beauty and being, Napua is a virtual ashram and wellness platform, a home for simple self-care rooted in the world’s most ancient, time-honored traditions.

    The vision for Napua:

    A collective of teachers with a shared meditation practice (Śabda) and background in yoga study, as well as diverse interests and skills, inclusive of other meditation styles, that complement their ability to make yoga more accessible to all, regardless of social identity, belief system, values or social status.

    The first Yoga Teacher Training cohort is half-way through their training, and the vision for Napua is growing along with them.

    We’re excited to share this fruits of our co-creation with you!

  • Our Values

    Nā Pua (Hawaiian), was inspired by my late-mother’s name, Fuala’au (Samoan), and refers to the blossoming of spirit and wisdom that unfolds as one cultivates the garden of awareness.

    The practices I share are from the non-dual Vedic and Tantric wisdom traditions, and are rooted primarily in and informed by Āyurveda – “the science of health/longevity” and Jyotiṣa – “the science of light”, which is more loosely known as “Vedic astrology”.

    The teacher trainees who graduate in the Fall are preparing to teach classical yoga and more specifically, are preparing to offer you the four-day Śabda Meditation course.  This meditation course is a foundational practice that cultures and stabilizes the nervous system into deep states of rest, and rest is how the body-mind system naturally repairs itself.  They have a diversity of backgrounds, including training in Buddhist traditions, Christian theology and mindfulness.

  • Our Ethics

    View Napua’s Code of Conduct (CoC).  Our CoC details a comprehensive policy of professional conduct and includes but is not limited to Napua’s General Principles as well as Grievance, Anti-Retaliation, Sexual Misconduct and Anti-Harassment Policies.

About Me

  • Catrina Armendariz

    Catrina Armendariz

    Founder, Teacher

    Hi, I'm Catrina! I'm a yoga teacher, āyurvedic practitioner, women's transformational coach, and psychology graduate student. My work integrates many tools to support the courageous cultivation of rested awareness and an embodied approach to freedom.

    In our time together, we will likely begin with the foundational practices of meditation, which cultures and stabilizes the nervous system in deep rest and āyurveda, which cultivates lifestyle practices that support the sustainability and metabolism of practice.

    I have a special interest in trauma and women's health and have been practicing yoga for 32 years, teaching for 9 years and recently returned from a 2.5 year pilgrimage mainly in India, studying full-time with my teachers. I decided to teach these practices, as they've allowed me to heal anxiety, depression, hypothyroidism, IBS and pre-diabetes, all of which I was diagnosed with in my 20's; and have helped to me experience a blossoming sense of freedom and self-love.

    I teach many facets of yoga, including prāṇāyāma (breathwork) and āsana, but the main emphasis of my teaching includes the more internal practices of meditation and saṃyāma, which are the advanced meditation techniques.

    The meditation method I teach is practiced by millions of people all across the world, and is a time-tested practice that is an integral part of the yoga tradition. It's traditionally referred to as mantra japa in Sanskrit; however, there are many ways a practitioner may learn mantra japa. The specific form of japa that I teach cultures the nervous system into deep states of rest and allows the aspirant to experience rest whilst in activity.

    I'm originally from Hawai'i, most recently lived in NYC for 6 years before embarking on pilgrimage, and I currently reside in México, where I'm connecting to my patrilineal heritage. I'm relocating to Hawai'i soon to be closer to my family.

    Thank you for taking the time to connect with me through my bio, I look forward to meeting you!!

    – Samoan
    – Mexican (Rarámuri/Tarahumara)
    – Spanish

    – English
    – Spanish
    – Studying Sanskrit

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