Self-Love Affirmations

Self-Love Affirmations

From our Insight Timer Live session on Fri., May 7, 2021

Love Showers: Barrage of Compliments

Share & receive ‘interdependent love-bombs’. I’ll guide us through a communal self-love practice. Bring your best compliments: You are __ (beautiful, courageous, invincible…). Enliven qualities by allowing attention / flow of consciousness, to rest on the aspects of self we desire to nourish.

Here is a copy of the transcript of phrases you all offered into the space. Thank you for inspiring me with your “love bombs”. Love you all.

  • I am free to be me
  • You are valuable
  • You are not your mistakes
  • you are safe
  • You are loved, you are enough
  • You are safe, and always have been.
  • you are capable
  • You are a wonderful dancer, singer and painter
  • I love your innocence and joy
  • You have integrity.
  • You have the courage to stand up for what you believe.
  • You are delicious
  • You are exactly where you are meant to be
  • You are healing! And growing
  • You are a gift to all
  • You are swollen with gratitude.
  • You are humble
  • You are compassionate
  • You know how to forgive!
  • You are at ease in the world, you got this!
  • You are resilient !
  • You are that beautiful inner child
  • You are not lost. Just taking a detour.
  • You are wild and free
  • You can be wrong!
  • I am human!
  • I’m learning to surrender!
  • You belong
  • You are everything and everyone 
  • You are an inspiration 
  • You are amazing 
  • You are faithful
  • You are loved and accepted
  • You are peaceful 
  • You are strong courage and inspiring
  • You are perfect just as you are
  • You are a joy
  • The world loves you authentic expression and celebrates you
  • You are happinesses
  • You are unique and perfect just eh way you are
  • You are wise
  • Thank you for being you, just as you are
  • You are enough
  • You have a beautiful voice
  • You are loved and you are cared for
  • You are radiant
  • You are enough exactly air you are
  • The joy you radiate is magnificent 

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