Neotantra & Conscious Sexuality

Neotantra & Conscious Sexuality

Not to be confused with tantra.

Neotantra is a new-age concept and modern variant of tantra, which incorporates intimacy exercises and various interpretations or loose adaptations of traditional Hindu and Buddhist practice, especially as they relate to sex. More often that not, the term Neotantra is associated with sex and/or partner work; either suggesting superlative sexual experiences or the ability to transmute sexual energy into more expansive forms of awareness or humanly functions.

Thus, many people associate tantra with sex and a compendium of sensational experiences, i.e. ecstatic or orgasmic energy states. Whilst these states of consciousness are accessible through traditional tantric practice, Neotantra takes practice out of context, shaves parts off of an integrated whole and integrates these parts with modern practices in a creative bricolage meant to reach some ascertainable goal, as defined by the aspirant, guide or practitioner.

In contrast, the classical tantras comprise an extensive oral tradition of scriptural texts we can individually refer to as tantras or āgamas, most of which have yet to be published, let alone translated. These texts carry wisdom and spiritual practices that span the expanse of human repertoire inclusive of and beyond sexual procreative energy.

This 90-minute class is a simple introduction to intimacy exercises. You may practice this solo or with a partner. It is suggested that you start solo and create a ritual with your self for some time before sharing it with another.

I’ll introduce a framework of erotic languages that you can use to better identify your needs, and to resource and meet those needs. The practices shared support you in becoming a better listener (more receptive to subtlety), a better receiver and giver (vs. being caught in the cycle of immediate gratification or reciprocation), a better communicator (of your boundaries, for example), and are useful as they relate to erotic experiences, but are healthy concepts to embody overall on a general relational level.

I will not be sharing practices that come directly from “original” or “classical” Indian or Buddhist Tantra here; however, I do make reference to Tattva Śuddhi or Bhūta Śuddhi, which is found in Yukti 27 of the Vijñānabhairava Tantra. Bhūta Śuddhi is a practice from classical tantra that allows us to fully enliven our awareness of and through the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether) and ground in the gross and subtle manifestations of our phenomenal reality.


  • Set & Setting
  • Yab-Yum with varied levels of intimacy for friends/family to lovers
  • Eye-gazing
  • Hand to Heart
  • Shared breath practice
  • Sensual touch.
  • Intro to erotic languages (love languages for eroticism)


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