Why Āyurveda? My Story

Why Āyurveda? My Story

Āyurveda is a holistic science of health and healing that comes from ancient India. It incorporates practices that realign us with nature and back to our own inner rhythmicity. In my experience with battling autoimmune disease, I learned that cultivating somatic awareness was key to healing. I realized that so much of my struggle with health was linked to my emotional body, and that my healing lied mainly in cultivating deep self-love and awareness.

After relocating to NYC in 2014, my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) flared-up intensely and I was unable to digest food.  I battled nausea, bloating and diarrhea that progressively worsened over the years.  I was also diagnosed with pre-diabetes and hypothyroidism.

Stool tests confirmed H. Pylori, and the best GI doctor in NYC, after weeks of consistent stool tests and antibiotic prescriptions, encouraged me to explore a stool transplant to help repopulate the microflora of my gut. Thus began my journey with functional medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and my deep dive into Āyurveda.

What I learned through my personal practice and in my study with Āyurvedic  practitioners and doctors was that my digestive fire, or agni, was weak and ultimately that my relationship with myself would be my biggest teacher in rekindling that fire. Āyurveda is a science that adapts to each individual’s readiness and needs. It is not a cookie cutter science.

For me, this included the establishment of simple routines, i.e. regularity in my diet and sleep and wake cycles; as well as a willingness to be with myself without trying to change myself. A sweet surrender to my presence and an acceptance of what I refused to face or look at for so many years. Thus, emotional healing was a big part of my āyurvedic journey. Āyurveda works with the psyche as much as it does with the physiology.

It took me years to cut through the unsupportive habits and surrender to what this science could offer me. Thus, began my desire to empower others on their healing journeys with the tools āyurveda provides. 

It is my mission to make this science accessible to you so you can begin implementing the practices that will most benefit you and support you in meeting your health and wellness goals.

With love,

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