Q: Will Śabda Meditation work for me?

A:  Anyone who can think a thought and follow simple instructions can learn this technique.  It does not require any special skills, nor the adoption of a particular lifestyle.  You simply need to be open, curious and willing to follow simple instructions.  

Q: I’ve tried to meditate and I can’t stop my mind from thinking. How is this different?

A:  Śabda Meditation is different from other popular forms of meditation, namely focused-concentration or contemplative forms (i.e. mindfulness) that require a force of will.  Both of these, which make up a large majority of meditations available, keep the mind active.  Foundational Meditation is more akin to de-concentration and non-doing.  

It is a completely effortless technique that naturally and spontaneously de-excites the mind and body.

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Q: I already have a yoga/meditation/prayer practice. How does this complement or integrate with them?

A:  The restful state of awareness cultivated through Śabda Meditation enables one to enter into contemplative forms of meditation with ease, and makes for a great foundational and daily practice.  Śabda Meditation is also complemented well by somatic or embodied methods, including but not limited to breath-awareness, breathwork, postural yoga asana, and kundalini kriya.  It also enhances devotional practices, such as prayer, by cultivating more openness and receptivity.  

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Q: Do I need to chant or sit in a strange position whilst meditating?

A:  No. When you meditate you sit comfortably, with your back supported and your eyes closed. To anyone watching you, it looks as though you are simply resting.

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Q: Will this take years to master?

A:  No.  As soon as the course ends, you'll have everything you need to meditate on your own, as well as continued support.

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Q: I don’t know my exact birth-time, can I still receive a personalized mantra?

A:  Yes.  If uncertain as to the accuracy of your birth time, you may still receive a personalized mantra.  

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Q: I’m new to all of this, and uncertain where to begin. Why should I start here?

A:  Śabda Meditation is an essential foundational practice that very quickly, effectively and safely helps to release accumulated stresses.  It also, when practiced regularly, and regularity is key, quickly cultivates a restful awareness, which reflects in a relaxed, less-reactive physiology and a more evolutionary responsiveness to the need or demand of the time.  Ultimately, this practice normalizes the practitioner to higher states of consciousness that reflect in a deeply-rested physiology and approach to life.  

Rather than being directed by the hyper-active mind, caught in the fluctuations of thought & emotions, or limited by the resultant tensions we carry in our bodies, practitioners of this technique are instead able to establish a new base-line of de-excitation in the mind and body that enables them to approach life with greater levels of adaptability.

Śabda Meditation can be bookended by other practices, such as breathwork or contemplative meditations. In fact, once established in being, in other words, once the reptilian stress-response has re-conditioned to more evolutionary responses, we're able to approach breathwork or contemplative practices with more ease, more grace, and receive greater benefit from them. 

As most practitioners have reported, the same applies to how the practice affects relationships with nearly everything in life, including but not limited to, any spiritual practice we may already have, or more generally, our relationships with our self and our extended self in family, friends and colleagues, etc.

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Q: What’s next?

1) Schedule your free Intro Call or join my public Intro to Meditation workshop, then 
2) Sign-up for the Śabda Meditation course.  

I also have a free pre-recorded Intro to Meditation course which will be releasing soon.  Here you will get a taste for my teaching style and a better idea of what meditation is or isn't, and whether this technique is best for you.  I'll also give you an overview of what we'll cover in the full Śabda Meditation course.  Both the pre-recorded Intro and Full Course are self-paced, though you are encouraged to complete them within a few days, or at most, a week for maximum benefit.  

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