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What makes this training different from others?:

COMPREHENSIVE STUDY: Embodiment of vedic and tantric wisdom requires lifetimes of absorption. You’ll receive a comprehensive overview, inclusive of āyurveda, jyotiṣa and mantra science.

EFFORTLESS PRACTICE: The foundational meditation technique you’ll practice and learn to teach is a simple, effortless and natural method that allows meditators to experience the continuum of deep rest and integrated shades of restful action whilst stabilizing in subtler states of consciousness

COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS Engage in meaningful cross-analytical study and discourse that 1) fosters deep understanding, 2) builds spiritual dexterity, and 3) transcends fundamentalism

– They Say –

  • I would recommend without hesitation. Catrina is clearly genuine and obviously answering part of her calling doing this work. Her knowledge put me at ease without intimidating with too much alien speech and explained any foreign terms used in a way I can remember them. Catrina is really well spoken and has a natural humourous tone that helps me to be engaged and not put off by any stuffiness. More, Catrina's spirited delivery allowed the material to really land for me and this is the important part; I could read, and have read, books on the subject and watched videos, Catrina however made it connect quickly and enabled me to make it my own through observation and repetition.

    Stephen H.Barcelona, Spain
  • Don’t miss a chance to work with Catrina - she is an incredible teacher! I took her Śabda Meditation: Silent-Mantra Meditation Course and was blown away. She has that rare combination of being very versed in ancient spiritual wisdom while also being able to make it accessible and easy to understand. Before Catrina, I had taken a course with the TM center in NYC but it didn’t really click. Catrina helped quickly bring it all into clear view for me. I am grateful there is someone like Catrina making this type of mediation accessible to all. If you get the chance to take a course, go for it! You'll enjoy yourself, learn a lot more than you thought you would, and deepen your mediation practice.

    Ty H.NYC
  • Ty H.

    Catrina is very easy to relate to which makes it easy to learn and question anything that isn't clear.

    Christian F.Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Christian F.

    I appreciate Catrina's knowledge, commitment and humility.

    Yvonne J.California

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