Śabda Meditation Course

Śabda Meditation is an effective stress-reducing technique that’s simple, effortless, and natural. Benefits come quickly.

At Your Pace, On Your Schedule

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  • Experience Deep Rest

    Experience Deep Rest

    The body effortlessly experiences deep states of rest.

  • Establish in Being

    Establish in Being

    The mind begins to stabilize in subtler states of consciousness.  Through stabilization, you may experience deep rest whilst in activity.

  • Receive Ongoing Support

    Receive Ongoing Support

    Upon successful completion of the on-demand course, you may join live Śabda Meditation courses, as refreshers.  You may also join Group Meditations and ask questions live, as well as meet other meditators in an exclusive community forum.


  • Orientation

    • How to use this course
    • Meet your instructor
    • Why I teach this method
  • Introduction

    • What is meditation?
    • Benefits of meditation
    • What makes Śabda Meditation different?
    • Stress: Trauma and the Art of Causality
    • Deep Rest: the Antidote to Stress
    • What are Mantras?
    • How is Mantra used in Śabda?
  • Day 1

    • Instruction on technique
    • Receive your Mantra
    • Meditation
  • Day 2

    • Demystify mental experiences
    • Dynamics of stress release
    • Revisiting Trauma
    • Dysfunctional vs. functional dissociation
    • Refining practice
    • Meditation
  • Day 3

    • Mind-body dynamics of stress release
    • Introduction to “industrial-strength” somatic techniques to prep for meditation (prāṇāyāma & āsana)
    • Meditation
  • Day 4

    • Practical considerations and strategies for integrating meditation 2x daily into AM/PM routine
    • Consciousness
    • Subtler states of consciousness
    • Stabilizing the subtler consciousness states
    • Long-term benefits of continued practice
    • Meditation
  • What's Next?

    • Meet other Śabda Meditators
    • Join Free Group Meditations
    • Teach the Method
    • Meet other Śabda Teachers


In this course you will:

  • Experience deep rest
  • Establish in being
  • Learn how to fit this technique into your life
  • Receive expert instruction
  • Get personalized, on-going support
  • Join a community of meditators around the world

…and much more.


Will a personalized mantra be provided in the on-demand course?
All participants will receive the same mantra. A personalized mantra is not automatically included in your enrollment. To request a personalized mantra, please email me at info@napua.org. There is an additional fee for this.

How long will I have access to this course?

I would like to receive a personalized mantra. What details do you require?
A personalized mantra is based on your Vedic astrology chart (jyotiṣa). Please email me your date, time and location of birth at info@napua.org.

What if I don’t like my mantra?
It is suggested that you stick with the mantra provided for a minimum of 6-weeks. Use this time to see what effects it may be having on your daily activity before exploring another mantra initiation. After such time, you’re welcome to reach out to me with your request.

Will we meet live?
No. Not as part of this on-demand course. However, upon successful completion of this course, you may drop into a live course, as a refresher.

What is your refund policy?
No refunds.


– What They Say –

  • I would recommend without hesitation. Catrina is clearly genuine and obviously answering part of her calling doing this work. Her knowledge put me at ease without intimidating with too much alien speech and explained any foreign terms used in a way I can remember them.

    Catrina is really well spoken and has a natural humourous tone that helps me to be engaged and not put off by any stuffiness. More, Catrina's spirited delivery allowed the material to really land for me and this is the important part; I could read, and have read, books on the subject and watched videos, Catrina however made it connect quickly and enabled me to make it my own through observation and repetition.

    Stephen H.Barcelona, Spain
  • Don’t miss a chance to work with Catrina - she is an incredible teacher! I took her Śabda Meditation: Silent-Mantra Meditation Course and was blown away. She has that rare combination of being very versed in ancient spiritual wisdom while also being able to make it accessible and easy to understand.

    Before Catrina, I had taken a course with the TM center in NYC but it didn’t really click. Catrina helped quickly bring it all into clear view for me. I am grateful there is someone like Catrina making this type of mediation accessible to all. If you get the chance to take a course, go for it! You'll enjoy yourself, learn a lot more than you thought you would, and deepen your mediation practice.

    Ty H.NYC
  • It's a practice that's completely different from anything I had seen before and more than seeing 'benefits' or wanting to see them, it feels right.  It's something that has already become meaningful in my life. Classes were a safe space where I could feel free to relax and take the most out of the teachings.

    Valentina S.Bogotá, Colombia
  • I enjoyed the humanity, empathy, and love that transpired throughout the weekend the most; and recommend this to anyone looking for a more meaningful, empowering, and happier life.

    The course is a marked cornerstone in the spiritual path I've taken and has provided me with great tools to go on on the journey with faith more than ever. More importantly, beyond the form, namely the framework of the course, and the knowledge and experience that Catrina offers.  She has the gifted ability to share infinite divine love, which is fundamental for the teachings to be fully integrated.

    Gerald T.Toronto

– About the instructor –

  • Catrina Armendariz

    Catrina Armendariz

    Meditation Instructor

    Hi! I'm Catrina and I'm your instructor.

    I'm a meditation teacher, Psychology graduate student and the founder of Napua, a virtual ashram for self-care. I have a special interest in trauma and women's health and have been practicing yoga for 32 years, teaching for 7 years and recently returned from a 2.5 year pilgrimage in India, studying full-time with my teachers.

    I’m here to enliven your innate wisdom and empower you to be of service with the tools you already have and to discover additional tools that will enhance and transform your inner and outer work, and ultimately your service in this world.

    I look forward to meeting you!