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  • Your Host

    Catrina is a trauma-informed yoga teacher (meditation, āsana, prāṇāyama, āyurveda, jyotiṣa, and tao arts) with a special interest in women’s health.  She’s been practicing yoga for over 30 years, and recently returned from a humbling 2.5 year pilgrimage studying full-time with her teachers.

    On her path, she realized the power of witnessing others’ journeys as a means of inspiring and facilitating her own awakenings.

    She saw the transformative potential stories hold as living embodiments of possibilities that might otherwise seem so distant and intangible for many, and is excited to open the door to these intimate conversations for others.

  • The Podcast

    On her podcast she sits with spiritual and therapeutic practitioners, some of her teachers included, and conscious entrepreneurs, to share their transformative stories of self-healing, as well as to open the door to the transformative sciences and practices they’ve used as tools and modalities to facilitate and stabilize awakenings.

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